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Toys R Us Complaint - Bad for Babies - Cribs
Toys R Us Complaint

Toys R Us Complaint


Bad for Babies - Cribs

I purchased all of my necessities for my baby at Babies R Us, thousands of dollars worth. The crib I purchased for my daughter was recently recalled, as it seems that babies died using these Jardine cribs. As soon as I became aware of the recall, I contacted the recall center. This is where it becomes very baby unfriendly. The recall center mailed me an envelope to send them all of the cribs hardware in. Unfortunately, you have to take your crib totally apart and your baby has no place to sleep while you mail the parts in. Several days later, meanwhile my daughter is still with out a bed. Jardine cribs sends me a voucher for a new crib, which is only good at Babies R Us.

I go to Babies R Us in South Portland, Maine and they tell me they have no cribs for my voucher amount, but I can use the voucher towards a new, more expensive crib. Fine, I want my daughter to have a crib that is safe and she needs it straight away. Next, I choose a crib which is $60. more then my voucher and I go to order it, only of course they have none in stock. I check on a couple of other cribs that are more then that and they are not in stock either. Now what do I do? They tell me that I have to order the crib, from their warehouse, but it will only be 7 to 14 days and I will have my new crib. I explain to them how my infant daughter has nothing to sleep in and they seem not to care. Babies R Us promises to call me as soon as my new crib arrives. I wait, and wait, and wait....14 days has gone by and I call Babies R Us. They still do not have my crib and they are not sure when it will be in. I tell them that it is truely unacceptable and I need to get my daughter a crib ASAP. I ask if they will refund me my voucher and they said they will not. I ask if they will give me credit to use at Babies R Us for the amount of my crib, so that can go elsewhere and buy a crib, without loosing hundreds of dollars. They say they cannot do anything for me and will not help me out, the only thing I can do is wait for my crib to arrive. I call every day and check to see if the crib is in. Finally on the 21st day after I placed my order, it had arrived. I went to pick it up with my older 3 year old daughter. The box it was in was all smashed up on one end and I was worried it was going to be damaged, in fact, at that point I felt like crying. My 3 year old daughter asked if she could go on the Elmo ride in the lobby of Babies R Us, but I didn't have any quarters. So I asked the clerk who was checking us out if we could have 4 quarters for a dollar bill. You know what she told me??? She said "No" that she couldn't open her drawer without a cash sale. Well, I'll tell you what, don't waste your money supporting Babies R Us, because they do not care about your children! I am so upset with them, yet can do nothing but warn other consumers:(

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beetle89 says: (9 years ago)
well now....to be fair to those unknowing people reading this review, let me set things straight. i'll be honest, i am a cashier at babies r us and i absolutely hate it, worst job ever and i love kids but parents, i can't stand!
A: that coupon was a vendor coupon through jardine itself, so to refund that coupon would be like us refunding a pampers coupon, sounds ridiculous right?
B: it was only good at babies r us because we are the only store that sells jardine.
C: on your GFS order (aka furniture order receipt) it plainly states expect 14-21 days for your order to arrive which it obviously arrived in that time frame.
D. i challenge you to find a GOOD crib that can be purchased in store, our store warehouses aren't big enough!!
E. a regular cashier can't open a drawer without a cash sale!!!! and if you call a manager to do it, they get mad because when 10 ppl a day do that, it takes up alot of their time. so maybe YOU should research more before purchasing, jardine has recalls ALL the time!!!

brookefrommi says: (9 years ago)
I agree with the first poster not the babiesrus representative. I sent my hardware in like told as well for the rediculous voucher to use once again at babiesrus and am not happy. Babiesrus represents the Jardine products and has responsibility in this whole mess as well, they sell it and they made themselves responsible and should be taking all necessary protocalls including customer service a huge priority. Because of this I will no longer be doing any business with Babiesrus/Toysrus in the future after this circus act! Spending $389 on a crib at this store better hope that the voucher is going to be comparable to the original one I bought in the first place or this is going to be a very interesting day when I do go and cash in this voucher yet again on one more crib.

acinomt says: (9 years ago)
listen - i understand you're frustrated. but jardine recalled the cribs, NOT babies r us. you telling them that its unacceptable is unreasonable.

also, the warehouse is where the cribs are sent out of. although they estimate 7-14 days, it is again, not the people at babies r us who are at fault for it not coming in. what do you want them to do, drive to the warehouse to get it?

advice - jardine crib have a high recall rate. maybe you should have done research before buying it. complain to jardine, not babies r us.

and the girl at the register -- she cannot open her register unless there is a cash sale, there is no way of doing it. she should have called a manager, but she personally could have not done it. only managers can manually open the cash drawer.

stop blaming babies r us for a complaint that is not even their fault.

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