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Toys R Us Reviews

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  • Bad customer service

    You have the worst customer service in the world. My name is Angela Spates. I have spent way too much money to not have anything to show for it and now I see you have charged my account for items you have not bothered to pick up!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter-in-law, Lacee Andrews, sent you an email the other day and I am now following behind her. You first charged my card over $2,200 and now I see you have charged me the full amount of the chifferobe, almost $800.00 because your people cannot seem to get things together. We have been waiting since February 3, that was the email date sent to... More...
  • Incorrect pricing

    I was shopping in the Oklahoma city and had an issue with a ln incorrect priced endcap. I took a picture of the endcap as the mgr corrected and would not honor the price. It was an entire display with a 39.99 tag and at the checkouts stated 79.99. I waited 15 mins for her to come over and explained she fixed it and that was not the correct pice? Funny thing we purchased $400 in toys but I really don't know if I should keep them? Can they pull up the camera and she that she moved stuff around or that is was mis priced prior? More...
  • Order Problems

    I placed an order for Christmas toys on Wednesday, Dec.4th on Toys R Us's website. I did this to take advantage of the double rewards available on Wednesday. Also, I signed up for their store credit card for the extra 15% off they offered. When I attempted to enter the promo code for the 15% off, it was said to be invalid. After calling customer service, I was assured that I would be refunded the 15% after the purchase was complete. I'm still waiting for that to happen. Also, I did not receive double rewards for ordering on Wednesday. When I called about this, I was told... More...
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  • Bad Service

    There is no place in toysrus site where one can submit a review, hence I chose this option. I went to Toysrus store in Carolina parkway, charlotte, NC on 08/10 with my 3 year old. Purpose of the visit was to get her a bike, her birthday present and a graco made2grow double stroller. My plan was to use the gift cards we received for my kids birthday party. Unfortunately, when I reached the store, I realized that I forgot to bring it with me. So, I asked my husband to bring the gift cards. We strolled around the store waiting for him. An hour later and he couldn't start from home so we... More...
  • Cancelling an Order 7531927279

    Order 7531927279 I am very displeased with this company right now. I placed this order at about 8:30am and was told it would not arrive for 2 weeks. An hour and a half after I placed the order, I needed to cancel it and called customer service. They told me that I could not cancel the order because it had already been packed to ship. Really? I'm not supposed to get it for 2 weeks but it's ready to ship same day??? LIARS. I was then told that I could return the item in store when I received it but may not even get a full refund. What kind of business are you running over... More...
  • replacement plan

    We purchased an android pad for a gift. the pad quit working in 3 weeks. after many frustrating hours on the phone, with people who did not know what they were doing, we were refunded the purchase price in the form of a gift card. Now the Pad is no longer available nor is there one compatible in this price range. We do not want anything else that is sold there nor at this point am I willing to spend another dime on this so we want a refund and be done with this nightmare. We we also told that the 15 month replacement plan we bought will not transfer onto the new pad even though it still... More...
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  • Canceled order

    I ordered the Imaginarium Play Away Activity Walker for my son on 12/17, was told while ordering that I would receive it by the 26th. I got an email telling me that there was an unexpected delay in the shipping, and that I would receive an email with tracking information once it was sent out. The charge for the walker ($16.23- I ordered it on sale) was pending in my bank account for a week. I noticed it was no longer pending and could not find the charge anywhere, so I called Toys R Us. I was told that the item was out of stock so my order had been canceled. I never received a... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
  • Customer Service

    Worst Customer Service ever.......My daughter got a 199.99 imaginariam dollhouse from toys r us for her birthday, after spending 2 1/2 hours putting it together (Lousy Directions) pieces were broken and/or missing. I called the only number I could find. The person took my info said it would be a few weeks but someone would get back to me. I missed the call and was left a number to call back. I called within the hours stated was put on auto "perpetual" hold for about 40 minutes then I hung up because the open hours had passed at that point. Next afternoon I spent another 40... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • poor service

    I don't think Toys R Us will respond but they did not send a gift card for our son for Christmas. It was a mistake they made which happens and that is no biggy but after several repeated contacts and after being told the card would arrive on this day then on that day and being told it was sent again and again, then they turned around and stated it was never sent after all that but they would be happy to send it and cover shipping.... need I say more. The 8 year old said he was sure it would not arrive if it hasn't arrived yet- he was right. I kept telling him to be patient. That... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • bad customer service

    called toll free center to correct and inquire about my rewards card and was hung up on 3 times and promised information to be emailed to me (never received). When I asked to speak to a manager I was treated rudely and placed on hold for long periods. I explained my situation and was barely apologized to and passed onto another person. what should have happened is a discount should've been given for all the time and effort and irratation! that's customer service and check the account log and see who was in my account and talk to your employees - they are in customer service and... More...
  • Where's my item?

    Hi. I ordered an item on Sunday, December 12. The item is and has been in stock and ready to ship. So, why hasn't it? Everything else I ordered from other retailers (even the ones who are even busier than you) has shipped. I only ordered this item because I was assured that it was in stock and ready. I feel that at Christmas time, Toys R Us should be READY to handle the orders. This is your bread and butter. But, you're going to loose customers this way. More...
  • Polaris Ranger ZR

    I Purchased a Polaris Ranger ZR and extended warranty on 11/12/09 for a christmas present for my grandson. I was told in the store by the person that helped me that if I got this warranty I could just bring it back to the store if something happened to it and make a exchange. It has been winter and the battery operated 4 wheeler has not been driven hardly any. The reverse is not working on it. I called the stored manager and customer service and talked to them and really got nothing done. what makes me angry is that i was told wrong in the store and not anyone stands on his or her actions... More...
  • no toy delivered

    Bought two items from toysrus via internet with the third item for free. paid 16. 40 for shipping. my daughter never received the package. I call today to notify them and asked if my daughter could just go to a toysrus in sacramento and pick up the moonsand items I had bought so my grandson could get his gift. But the customer service person was non accomodating. could care less because it was not affecting her or her children. I have not got the extra money to purchase more items. So, I will pass this on to anyone who cares to listen publically. More...
    (Featured Editor)
  • wont honor ad price

    I went to Toys R Us on "Black Friday" and attempted to buy the First Act 5 piece Drum Set listed in their Sales flier for $49.99. When I got to the register the item rang up $99.99. I was told the drum set I had was not the one that was on sale. I asked to be shown to the one that was on sale and was taken to a drum set that was not even near the other First Act items in the store and the set I was given was a 4 piece set. I pointed out that the ad was for a 5 piece set and the clerk said that the ad must be a misprint. I said that they should honor the ad and then correct the... More...
    (Featured Editor)
  • Cribs

    I purchased all of my necessities for my baby at Babies R Us, thousands of dollars worth. The crib I purchased for my daughter was recently recalled, as it seems that babies died using these Jardine cribs. As soon as I became aware of the recall, I contacted the recall center. This is where it becomes very baby unfriendly. The recall center mailed me an envelope to send them all of the cribs hardware in. Unfortunately, you have to take your crib totally apart and your baby has no place to sleep while you mail the parts in. Several days later, meanwhile my daughter is still with out a... More...
    (Featured Editor)


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